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1.What is waterblasting?

Waterblasting is done to remove the layers of paint that have built up on concrete pools. Using water under extremely high pressure, the paint is gently stripped away to leave clean, paint-ready concrete.

2.When do I need a waterblast?

If much of your paint is chipping away, or if the last time you had your pool painted the sides looked a bit lumpy or uneven, it may be time for a waterblast. Perfection Pools will be happy to give a complimentary estimate on your pool.

3.I have heard a lot about sandblasting. What is the difference?

Sandblasting is much more aggressive, and it therefore likely to chip away at the concrete walls and floor. In addition, this practice is not permitted in by law in most areas of Quebec.


1.What is acid-washing?

Acid-washing involves using a diluted acid solution to thoroughly clean the walls and floor of your pool. Perfection Pools will use the acid solution along with a gently scrub brush when opening your pool.

2.Why do I need to acid-wash my pool?

During the winter pools will inevitably fill with unsanitized bacteria-ridden water. Without acid-washing, these bacteria will fester and cause problems - such as algae - throughout the summer.


Our skilled painters will leave you with an even, Perfection™ paint job.


With almost 40 years of experience, our technicians have seen it all. Call our office at 514-739-6706 or visit our contact page to make an appointment with a service specialist.


Going on vacation? Forgot to vacuum? Call us to come correct your green pool anytime throughout the season.


We provide opening, closing and vacuum service for above-ground pools. Call our office at 514-739-6706 or visit our contact page to inquire about our packages.

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